When it comes to giving a different touch to the aroma of our home, having a good air freshener adapted to our tastes and the style that suits us is fundamental.

A job in which it is convenient to look for perfumes as natural as possible, that are not too cloying and that last longer. Regarding the application system, the options are diverse, although they will always help you keep your home set almost without you knowing.

This is what the Air Wick Freshmatic model offers, which has an adjustable system with which to choose how often you want the fragrance to be dispersed and a duration of up to two months depending on the intensity.

If you prefer a traditional model, the Ambi Pur Tatami air freshener has the traditional manual spray design, although properly improved both to fight against bad odors and for greater comfort of use.

What is the best home air freshener on the market?

When it comes to giving our home the best aroma, air fresheners are the most practical tool. However, things have changed a lot since the old sprays of yesteryear. Something that is easy to check just taking a look at any comparison of air fresheners for home, where the sprays always coexist with automatic models plugged in and even with other diffusers without plug.

Such a wide offer that surely the advice of our guide to buy the best home air freshener will be useful to clarify you meanwhile product.

Type of air freshener

As we said in the introduction, the wide variety of home air fresheners we have today makes it somewhat more complicated to choose that perfect air freshener for our home. Anyway, it is true that in addition to the usual sprays, properly developed, we can distinguish two large groups between electric models and those that are not. Let’s see its characteristics so you know which one suits you best.

The electric home air fresheners are products that have a diffuser system activated by electricity. In this section we have both the models that work with batteries as the plugged. The first would be those that emit a burst of fragrance at certain intervals, while the second emit aroma continuously. In both cases, they are accompanied by good-sized deposits, so that the product has an adequate duration.

As for the non-electric air fresheners, they are those that offer us a continuous diffusion of the aroma but through simpler mechanisms. In this section we find aroma pearls, Mikado type bars or similar systems. These products consist of an element that diffuses the aroma by reacting with the ambient air and takes the air freshener from a tank. A simple model with which to forget about batteries and problems.

Air freshener duration
Another important aspect when choosing an economic but quality air freshener is the duration of the product. A duration that we will focus from two points of view, referring both to the duration of the aroma in the environment and in the duration of the deposit in the automated models.

Starting with the first question, you should choose air fresheners that do not spread in the environment and disappear after a few minutes. Theirs is that this aroma lasts at least 30 minutes in the case of spray models or electric pulsed. Anything that is a shorter duration will force us to spend more air freshener, which increases its cost, however cheap it may be.

Similar to the previous aspect, in all models of automatic air freshener it is necessary to see how long that deposit will last. In this case, there are many products that include regulation functions, which obviously modifies the time the deposit lasts.

In general, the minimum required in terms of duration would be one month, although in low consumption mode some air fresheners last up to 3 months, which clearly reduces how much the product costs in relation to its durability.

Available aromas

The third aspect that we wanted to assess has to do with the aromas available for the product. An aspect where the imagination of designers has gone so far that we have options of all kinds, ranging from floral designs or nature always to other known perfumes or even scents such as clean clothes or nursery , for example.

This variety of aromas is especially important in models that work with replaceable tanks, since the greater the existing supply, the easier it will be to find a different or more pleasant aroma without the need to buy a new air freshener. Luckily, most of the manufacturers of these products also have a wide range of aromas so you can choose the one you like best.

Something similar happens with the rest of manufacturers, both in models without electricity such as Mikado, or in traditional spray models. A wide offer that allows us to customize the atmosphere and aroma of each room of our home depending on what we need or change it when necessary.

What is the best home air freshener of 2019?

When caring for the aroma of your home you have a wide range of options, ranging from conventional spray fresheners to electric models or batteries that keep the smell alive for longer. A wide variety among which it is difficult to decide which is the best home freshener you can buy. Anyway, thanks to our selection of the best home air fresheners of 2019 you can solve this problem and have a clear vision of everything that the market offers.

How to use a home air freshener

Air fresheners for home are very popular thanks to the home feeling and extra cleaning they provide. If you have purchased a new air freshener for home and do not know how to use it, in this space we will show you step by step how to prepare your air freshener so that it works properly and you can enjoy a pleasant aroma at all times.

Unpack carefully

The first thing you should know is that there are different types of air fresheners, but with all you must be careful when removing them from the package. Normally, they are delivered in plastic containers that can be uncomfortable to remove.

We recommend using a pair of scissors to cut the edges so you can remove the air freshener with more comfort. If the air freshener you chose is incense type, be careful when opening the bag or box to avoid breaking the delicate material.

Uncover the container

The next thing to do is unclog the decorative container of the air freshener. The air freshener activator is also usually equipped in this piece, so you must be careful when handling it. Look on the sides for a button that allows you to unlock the system to open the container.

If your air freshener is spray, you should only remove the security seal and you will have it practically ready to use.

Putting the batteries in

Some home air fresheners have timers or automatic activators that are responsible for letting out a flush of the air freshener every so often. To use these systems you need energy and that is why these air fresheners need batteries to work. In almost all the models usually two units are used double AA or triple AAA, and that will depend on the manufacturer.

After you have opened the container, you should be able to see the battery compartment. Remove them from their package, identify which is the positive pole and which is the negative and proceed to place them with care.

If you want to make sure they are properly installed, press the air freshener button and check that the activation mechanism turns on. If the air freshener you purchased does not include batteries, you must purchase them separately to start using it.

diffuser of essential oils as a home air freshener

Locating the air freshener

After you have prepared your container, it is time to install the air freshener. This is usually included with the purchase, so remove it from the package and place it inside the container. You should be comfortably in a specific position with the mouthpiece facing forward. Close the container by pressing until you hear a small click and everything will be almost ready.

In other cases, with the air fresheners plug, you have to remove the cover that covers the cotton fabric and place it inside the plastic bottle and then connect the air freshener to the current.

Installing the air freshener

The last thing you have left to do is find the right corner for your air freshener. If it is a decorative model, you can place it in the living room, next to the TV, on your nightstand or in the bathroom. If it is a plug model, we advise you to place it near your bed so that you can enjoy the rich aroma while you sleep.